Pretty idea, mason jars covered with lace or twine and a candle inside.

I love these.

15 Ways to Upcycle ~~ Glass JARS and BOTTLES | DIY Roundup

- Break off the metal contact from the bottom - Use a screw or a knife to crack the brown glass insulator - Looking inside you will see the fill tube. Break it off and remove it - Remove the filament and other debris with needle nose pliers - Use a dremel to grind down the glass edges inside for extra safety - Clean out the powder with water - Scrape off the writing with wire wool

Pallet Mason Jars Hanging Wall | Pallet Furniture Plans

Paint Mason Jar to make vase!

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Constellation Jar-I am totally making one! I also loved the idea of these as table lights for an outdoor party.

flowers made with toilet paper rolls

Wooden twine and burlap frame by TheGreenGiftCompany on Etsy, $20.00

Soo pretty! DIY lace covered jars as centerpieces... :)

Have you ever seen the perfect shade of nail polish and brought it home only to realize it wasn’t? You’ll never use it again, so what do you do with it? Don't have to let that bottle of polish go to waste! We are sure that there are a bunch of ways you can use it around your home that you haven’t even thought of! To start you off, follow along as eBay shares seven uses for nail polish that have nothing to do with painting your nails!

Gorgeous mason jar lanterns!

Fabric Covered Boxes - thrifty! No more buying fancy boxes (This actually has the instructions)

Neat idea !!!

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Easy DIY Ideas | How To Tint Mason Jars Tutorial and Fun Craft Ideas for Do It Yourself Home Decor

transparent lace tape (to decorate glass jars w/ votives) cool!

OMG - I love this project! I did doors on a cabinet - beyond awesome! On this photo from she stained wooden boards with a dark stain - placed doormat on top - then sprayed over all with 4 light coats of creamy colored paint - letting dry between coats. Make sure you get the paint into all the openings. Do not move mat until it is completely dry or it will smear. When you remove it the stained wood that was covered by the mat leaves a beautiful design. You c...

Pretty. (People say I'm a jar hoarder but there are legit reasons to save jars, right?)