amazing paths


Path Rainbow Bridge, China


21 Roads to Drive at Least Once in Your Life

Colosso dell'Appennino by Giambologna >> Wow!

El Paílón del Diablo, Ecuador

The Round Road in Ireland

Wow!!!!!! Amazing

Night forest breezes - the theme behind Aesthetic Content's Midnight Brezza Luxury Scented Candle


I thought it was fake at first...

Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The Word. I love abandoned buildings, and love seeing them around this area.

Underwater hotel rooms in Fiji. This is amazing!

9GAG - Just for Fun!

Travel Information - To Sua Ocean Trench

underwater hotel in Fiji. amazing.

before i die...

A portaledge "is a deployable hanging tent system designed for rock climbers who spend multiple days and nights on a big wall climb. An assembled portaledge is a fabric-covered platform surrounded by a metal frame that hangs from a single point and has adjustable suspension straps." This is like a portable treehouse. win.

beautiful blues & greens