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synonyms...i LOVE this because the colors on the paint strip are similar, but note exactly the same...just like the words

Minds in Bloomfrom Minds in Bloom

20 Three-Minute Brain Breaks

Brain breaks

Ticket out the Door I like the idea of having a place for everyone to put there sticky note. Then you can quickly tell who didn't turn it in. #writing #classroom #education

Homemade Colour Book. Made with paint sample strips. Teach children colours and that there are different shades of each colour.

4th Grade~ Types of Writing. I like this idea to show the different kinds of writing on the wall next to one another so students can see that each kind is different and how.

End of the year foldable, completed using figurative language, synonyms and antonyms, with a glyph used for the center of the cover.

Prefixes and Suffixes on paint chip samples. Have students create the new words and write them down and define them based on their knowledge of what the base-word means and what the prefix means. Can also use for suffixes.

Book Talk Questions. Many activities to use with books to get students talking about what they are reading.