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The Ghost Town of Newnansville in Alachua, FL - Once a thriving town in the early 1800s, Newnansville now consists only of a few houses and a haunted cemetery! Find out more at

An actual photo (not photoshopped) of an angel apparition. We're so used to seeing photos of ghosts or malevolent beings, that I think this shot is pretty heart warming and awesome; reminding us that the angels are still among us

Ekutna Cemetery, Anchorage, Alaska. Over 100 “Spirit Houses” occupy the cemetery, sheltering the spirit’s of the dead. The size of the house depicts the social status of the person buried there.

Houses of Spirits - This grave house in southern Kentucky's Muhlenberg County has a shed-style roof, and the tombstones are placed outside, demonstrating, perhaps, that the main concern here is protecting the grave rather than the stone.

The traveler stumbled upon a snowy and forgotten graveyard. Who's name will he find on the stone? What happens?

Ohio - The Gilboa Cemetery is said to be haunted the ghosts of children who died in a 1952 cholera epidemic. Their bodies are buried here. Supposedly, exhumations have discovered several empty graves. At night you can hear childrens voices--sometimes playing, sometimes crying.

One of the better known haunted cemeteries in New England. This extremely eerie and creepy graveyard is located in Andover, New Hampshire with old graves that lean and tilt quite spookily. The soil is soft and sandy, appearing to grab onto a visitors feet as they walk through. The main ghost associated with Old Center is that of a woman wearing a diaphonous white gown who waves at people passing by to come into the cemetery. Only seen at night as a glimmering image, she then vanishes. The…


Highgate Cemetery, London, England

Cemeteries Ghosts Graveyards Spirits: Highgate Cemetery, London, England.

The Laundry Lady Ghost in St. Augustine, FL - The appearance of the Laundry Lady is one of the strangest ghost stories in this very haunted town. Find out more at

Unitarian Churchyard. It's said to be haunted by the ghost of Annabel Lee, who wanders the cemetery looking for her lost love, and Mary Bloomfield, who wanders the cemetery looking for her long lost husband.

This is Willoughby Village Cemetery’s most famous grave. It was erected and maintained by donations from the local townspeople.