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    The Ghost Town of Newnansville in Alachua, FL - Once a thriving town in the early 1800s, Newnansville now consists only of a few houses and a haunted cemetery! Find out more at www.FloridaFringe...



    • Judy Hayes

      The Ghost Town of Newnansville in Alachua, FL - Once a thriving town in the early 1800s, Newnansville now consists only of a few houses and a haunted cemetery

    • Crystal Wilson

      Ghost Town of Newnansville - Today, all that remains of Newnansville is a few houses and the Newnansville Cemetery, where one can find the names of those early residents who lived and died there. You can also find the Black Cemetery tucked away in the back corner of the original cemetery. On certain nights, ghostly figures can be seen moving throughout the cemetery, and there have been reports of disembodied voices and strange floating balls of lights!

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    An actual photo (not photoshopped) of an angel apparition. We're so used to seeing photos of ghosts or malevolent beings, that I think this shot is pretty heart warming and awesome; reminding us that the angels are still among us

    Tending to the Grave Forever...Lake Forest Cemetery.


    Vincent Van Gogh- (1853-1890) Auvers-sur-Oise Town Cemetery, France. ~j

    Ohio - The Gilboa Cemetery is said to be haunted the ghosts of children who died in a 1952 cholera epidemic. Their bodies are buried here. Supposedly, exhumations have discovered several empty graves. At night you can hear childrens voices--sometimes playing, sometimes crying.

    Fascinating & true ghost story and the only known case where a ghost's testimony put a man in prison.

    The legend of the Union Cemetery White Lady is one of America's most famous ghost stories.

    old cemetery photo

    Cemeteries Ghosts Graveyards Spirits: Highgate Cemetery, London, England.

    This is Willoughby Village Cemetery’s most famous grave. It was erected and maintained by donations from the local townspeople.

    I love old cemeteries. I think they're beautiful.


    Cemeteries Ghosts Graveyards Spirits: A ghost in a cemetery.

    TALLAHASSEE’S WITCH GRAVE A century old legend surrounds a curious tomb in Tallahassee’s old City Cemetery. As I entered the iron gates of the cemetery my attention was captured by an ornate, towering obelisk marking a curious tomb. It’s easy to get the feeling that this unusual grave magnetically beckons visitors to come closer. This is the most visited grave in the entire cemetery, mainly due to a legend about how it’s the final resting place for a witch named “Bessie.”

    A warning, common to many such crypts, is inscribed in Czech above their final resting place: "As you are now, we once were; as we are now, you shall be."

    Lisa Barrientos found this interesting gravestone in a small cemetery in a small town in Iowa. She said the words have faded and can no longer be read. It would appear to be the gravestone of a Union Soldier from the War Between the States?

    ✯ Lafayette Cemetery, Lafayette, OR. The cemetery has a few ghosts, but the most prevalent is that of a woman who was hung for being a witch. The night before her hanging she cursed the town and said that it would burn to the ground three times. So far the town has burned to the ground twice! Those who have come across the witch's ghost in the cemetery have reported being chased away while she screams and lashes out at them, and victims have scars on their backs as proof of the attacks.✯

    haunted - willard library, Evansville, Indiana

    Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut (USA) is not just the most haunted cemetery in Connecticut, it is considered by many to be the most haunted cemetery in the United States. The most famous ghost there is the White Lady.

    Abandoned Jewish cemetery in Otwock (This is exactly like the cemetery in the beginning of My Nazi)