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Katie is learning self defense on the side from one of the Gyms female owners/ like her Personal hero Bruce Lee


Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee, 1973

Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee, 1973 Premium Poster


Bruce Lee Teachings

Bruce Lee Teachings Poster

Lee Jun Fan - Bruce pushed his mind and body beyond what anyone else before him had. When I need a pick-me-up, flipping through one of his books always does the trick. The stories my teacher (Patrick Strong) tells me about Bruce are always amazing to hear.

Technique de base pour bloquer un coup de pied en frappant sur la rotule du genoux. Bruce Lee demonstrates jeet kune do side kick techniques in this photo-sequence excerpt from Bruce Lee's Fighting Method: The Complete Edition. #blackbeltmagazine #brucelee #jeetkunedo #martialarts #jkd #bruceleefighting #jkdtechniques #jeetkunedotechniques #bruceleetraining #bruceleebooks

Bruce Lee La force de frappe provient de la rotation et de l'utilisation de tous le corps à partir des pieds comme un ressort. L'autre main est en protection ou dévie une frappe.

Mouvement du kung-fu de la manthe religieuse. une main contrôle le bras et l'autre attaque. While we never got to see Bruce Lee in any traditional old school films, it makes it finding rare pictures of him practicing praying mantis kung fu forms even better. 'In memory of a once fluid man, crammed and distorted by the classical mess.'

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Ip Man and Bruce Lee



Actual Bruce Lee Facts…

Actual Bruce Lee Facts. Number 7, holy shit. And they need to leave Chuck Norris alone, he's freaking 73, he's allowed to take it easy now.