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Feeding Chickens at Different Ages

Chickens at different stages of development require different feed formulations. Learn which feeds & supplements are needed at each.

Chicken Saddles

These beautiful, reversible chicken saddles or "back packs" are an absolute lifesaver when you keep a flock of chickens because the saddles protect your hens from feather loss and injury. How do they

7 Herbs For Chickens

How to use these 7 herbs to boost your flocks health (and get better eggs). Also includes one herb you definitely don't want your flock eating as well as how to make an herbal salve for them.:

Chicken Coop Waterer

The Chicken Coop Waterer is made of sturdy plastic construction. The handle on the top provides a way to attach the waterer to a hanging chain in your coop. The handle also makes moving it simple. The