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Lung Cancer

Favorite Cousin

Aunt Audrey

Mother Ruth

Cousin Joy

Karen Schlussel Joy Rothschild My favorite cousin Joy who is gonna kick the $&%^ out of lung cancer. And also to remember my mother, Ruth Schlussel who died of Esophageal Cancer, my aunt, Audrey Rothschild, grandfather, Joseph Klein, and great grandfather, Adolph Klein, who all died from Colon Cancer. Start SMAC'ing!

Giant Pinwheels

Pinwheel Quilt

Pinwheels Quilt

Dad Holding

Dad holding up the giant pinwheels quilt I made for my grandfather when he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer

Colon Cancer

Knapp Schubert

Pledge Smac

Smac Ers

Katie Knapp

Katie O'Malley

Dad Colon

Fellow Smac

Cancer Survivor

Katie Knapp Schubert Hi fellow SMAC!ers... This is my Dad! Colon cancer survivor.

latimesfrom latimes

Richard Dawson was diagnosed with cancer only weeks before death

Three Weeks

Dawson Hosting

Cancer Diagnosis


Richard Dawson got cancer diagnosis only three weeks before death - died of complications of esophageal cancer on 06/02/12.

Cancer 101

Cancer Butler

Cancer Inspiration

Breast Cancer

Cancerous Periwinkle

Cancer Awareness

Cancer Health

Cancer Adenocarinoma

Esophageal Cancer

Deadly Brain

Chocolate Chips

Cake Chocolate

11 Development

2011 11

Deadly Form

2011 12

Health News Info

Cancer Preventive

Health Plus: Eastern Iowa woman warns about esophageal cancer - KWWL

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Pet Scanning

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Scan Rak

Scan Pet

Petct Scan

Cost Pet

PET/CT of Esophageal Cancer

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Exercise May Help to Reduce Esophageal Cancer? Great! Here are 8 Simple Everyday Exercises #exercise #health #fitness #fit #esophagealcancer #cancer #esophageal #esophagealcancerawareness

Japanese Movie

00 S Mako

Actor Memoirs

Mako Actor

Mako Picture

Actores Secundarios

00'S Mako

Mako Iwamatsu 1933 - 2006 Died at the age of 72 of esophageal cancer

Hagen 1928

Kevin O'Leary

Little House

Littele House

Fallen Stars

Prairie 1928

Kevin Hagen 1928 - 2005 (Age 77) Died from Esophageal cancer

Pendant Necklace

Pcos Awareness

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Cancer Ribbons

Pcos Breast Cancer

Pcos Fighter

Esophageal Cancer Necklace


Using A New Voice To Enjoy Life After Cancer

Cancer Beautiful


Cancer Underwent

Beautiful Real People

Cancer Awareness

Overcoming Cancer

Rene Foreman- diagnosed with esophageal cancer underwent surgery that saved her life; it also took her voice box. Listen to her story on overcoming cancer- beautiful!

Sock Monkeys

Lung Cancer

Cancer Windrum

Cancer Smacancer

Smac Monkey

Cancer Community

Mom was the inspiration behind the creation of SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer. We chronicled her battle with #lungcancer. No she never smoked. We worked to help educate others that ANYONE can get lung cancer. She lost her battle December 2012. Her legacy lives on in SMAC! She found great comfort in the SMAC! Monkeys and wanted others with/impacted by cancer to have the same experience. Give a SMAC! Monkey: #cancer #SMACancer #cancercomfort

Lung Cancer

Ashley White

Bring Smac

Smac Support

Barry White

Pledge Smac

Father Barry

Ashley White My father, Barry White, has been impacted by lung cancer and I am pledging my SMAC support for him. I love him so much =)

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Cancer Resources

Ctca Cancercenter

Internet Site

Exploring Cancer

Cancer Help

Helpful Cancer

Cancer Facts

How to get a Second Opinion from CTCA @Brenda Herrick Treatment Centers of America

Monkeys Smac

Internet Site

Smac Monkeys


Web Site

Holy Monkeys

Holy Monkeys. SMAC! Campaign near $20k. When we hit $20k, two people will pledge $1000 each. Let's get these monkeys into the arms of cancer patients EVERYWHERE. Pledge here: #smacancer

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Esophagus Muscle

Barrett S Esophagus

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Achalasia Esophagus

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Using radio-frequency waves to treat certain cases of Barrett’s esophagus can significantly cut risk of the condition progressing to esophageal cancer, new clinical trial suggests:



Cancer Butt

Butt Watch

Barb Ebel

Bring Smac



Barb Ebel Griffin I'm pledging my support for my sister, Jackie, she just lost her 20 month battle with lung cancer on March 24. She fought her battle with tons of optimism and courage!! I'm ready to SMAC! some lung cancer out!!!

My Friend

Lung Cancer

Cousin Karen


This is Lung Cancer

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Breast Cancer

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Cancer Infographics

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Cancer Types

types of cancers inforgraphic

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Digestive System Worksheet

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digestive system