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Easy How-To for making Dill Pickles

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canning pancake syrup

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pickle relish

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40 Preserving Links: Beginner tips, pro tricks and canning with honey

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Pickled Three Bean Salad for Canning -- Been looking for this recipe!!

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Canning Recipes-Time to make jam!


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Zesty Salsa for Canning from I got this years ago from the lady in our church who canned it. I've never made it but I've eaten lots of it! It's the best salsa I have ever had. Especially good with lime tortilla chips or on taco salad (Easier-Than-Making-Tacos Taco Salad).

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Claussen Kosher Pickle Copycat

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clone ~ claussen kosher pickles

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Canning Dill Pickles in Recipes on The Food Channel®

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Easy Homemade Pickled Jalapenos

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Reluctant Entertainerfrom Reluctant Entertainer

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How to make classic Dill Pickles - crunchy and delicious! #recipe #dillpickles #preserving

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how to freeze corn on the cob - website gives great step-by-steps for freezing and canning different fruits/veggies as well!

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A very cool site called 'old fashioned families' with all you need to know about gardening, canning, preserving, saving tons of money and general homesteading.