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A ladybug on some Kniphofia buds. photo by Todd Schorr .˛. ˛ • ° ˛˚˛ *•。★ ˚ ˚*

Ladybug on flower. Earlier I mentioned my nerves were going crazy and the visual was a lady bug. Things are improving so here is one lady bug to celebrate.

I'm the other kind of a LadyBug! SEE? I should be called, LadyDots, 'cause I'm FULL of dots! Oui! ...♥bingT✿ܓ

Ladybugs are so named because their help in eating other insects has seemed like the mercy of our Lady of Perpetual Help

Not all beetles are adore, however, this lil lady works to save your food for you, the un-chemical way.

Pumpkin Flower with Lady bug. One more for the collection..

Lady Bugs! When I live in Hawaii when I was little there was this tree stump behind the house that was always COVERED in lady bugs - we called it the Lady Bug Tree.

beautiful pictures of ladybugs | ... Ladybugs, Animated Ladybugs, Keefers photo Keefers_AnimatedLadybugs235