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Fall leaves persevered by dipping in wax ! You can use a scented candle wax so they smell as wonderful as they are beautiful !

DIY: How to Make Primitive Candles - this post shows how to use spices, leftover candles and plain, inexpensive tapers to make those expensive primitive country candles.

Ingredients Instant Coffee 2 cups hot water Ground Spices ~ cinnamon, cloves, etc Bowl wooden spoon Hang Tags In Bowl, combine coffee granules and 2 cups hot water. Mix to combine Next get your hang tags, now you can keep them flat or you can crumple them up and flatten them out again, it's up to you. Dip the tags into the spice mixture and allow to sort of drip dry

How To Make A Country Candle - using leftover candles and spices, this post shows how to give a plain candle a primitive look.

Making Metal Look Old - patina, tarnish and rust - loving rustic metal tins? Me too!

Epsom Salt Luminaries: Some Winter Beauty

Mason Jars and Epsom Salt . SO gorgeous for winter decoration. Could do with thrift store vases as well - Craft idea for party?