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Basset Hound by José Neto on 500px

"What do I do?" #dogs #pets #BassetHounds

Ear work #healthydog #doghealth

Meet Trusty! He's a 6-week old, 3-lb, lemon basset hound puppy with green eyes that barely stay open cuz he sleeps all the time :)

refexology dogs | The final step.

BASSET HOUND Art Print - so cute!

What r u lookin at?

Hush Puppy ad (classic!). Agency, Fallon

Vintage Hush Puppies ad

Download Cute Puppy Big Dogs Wallpaper 1024x768 | Full HD Wallpapers

“Ummm…can someone get me a ponytail? I can’t walk with my ears like this.”

Hey pop!

dustyfleas: Yawn of the day

It's nap time!

Basset Hound

"Tell the office I'm sick."

Awww :)

This perfectly describes living with a basset hound.

"Excuses me, but is my din-din ready yet, minion?"

basset hounds - you were an adorable puppy and you know it.

Time for tea ?



1000 Life Hacks

Daisy and Benji