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Funny quote thats common sense leaving your body - Collection Of Inspiring Images, Sayings and Famous Quotes about Life, Love, Friendship, Happiness, Success and More - Collection Of Inspiring Quotes, Sayings, Images | WordsOnImages

Another pinner said: Someone said, "Hahahahaha, this made me laugh when I tried it" Now I want to try this on my husband, or if he is having a bad day, just scream, "Bubbles!" And start laughing...we have weird humor with each other, but it works :D

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I Was Quiet (Live Life Happy)

I see what you are doing, the way you look at her, the way you write to her, the way you hold to her. Chase whatever your passion is... and leave me alone.

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High school where self-esteem, innocence, and dreams go to die t-shirt

Hm. A fitting description of my school in particular, which I strongly believe to be an intellectual wasteland.

Ouch!!! Watch these videos.these are amazing video.

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31 Unique Side Effects Of Being An Indian Girl

You spend a significant amount of your time and money on hair removal, in various forms. | 31 Unique Side Effects Of Being An Indian Girl