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  • Bonnie Beemer Crosser

    Large Spotted Genet - what an unusual and beautiful creature!

  • Dezign Zoo

    Large Spotted Genet - Resembling a cross between a mongoose and a small leopard, the Large Spotted Genet is indigenous to Africa and is one of the species of Genet that are kept as exotic pets.

  • Audrey C. Braun

    Large Spotted Genet - majestic! Beautiful coat & markings This is a beautiful cat.

  • Guadalupe Delgado

    Large Spotted Genet, aka Cape Genet, is a carnivore mammal, related to the African linsang and to the civits. It can be found in Africa from Senegal to Somalia, and south to Namibia and South Africa. It is nocturnal and arboreal.

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