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love this

"Sometimes I call horse people "Muggles" because they are missing out on the magic." ≈ Muggles were the non wizards in Harry Potter.

Anyone else?? | The Carousel Horse | carouselhorsetack.com

That would be me and grey horses since they are my favorite, but I love bays too, though!and palominos.

“What these horses do for us is incredible. They become part of our family. They really change our lives. It is a sport we choose because we love it and it is sport we choose because we also love the animal. It is not like breaking a hockey stick or breaking a tennis racket. We become very close to these animals and we have great respect for what they do for us. We are in the limelight with them. A horse like Hickstead changed my career. For me, it meant everything.” - Eric Lamaze

definitely two of my greatest eq inspirations. two exceptional athletes, Eric lamaze and hickstead. so proud to be a canadian equestrian because of these two, rip hickstead.

It's true. There's no drama with horses. With people it NEVER stops!!!!!!!!!!

i'd much rather deal with a 1200 lb animal than people any dang day.


Bettina Eistel of Germany with horse Fabuleux 5 competes in the Paralympic Equestrian Individual Freestyle Test - Grade III event at Hong Kong Olympic Equestrian Venue on September 2008 in Hong Kong, China.

Very true!

Very true!