*Winter Doe" - Ron Jones

Winter wonderland | Winter Whispers oh deer

Tunnel by Julia Kauer


gorgeous wolf in the snow

Four Little Birds.

Bambi... close-up Photo by Mike Bowen

White Tail Deer

Chipmunk gathering ingredients for peanut butter

Owl in the winter

I have posted a FEW photos of foxes and now Pinterest is giving me all these pictures of foxes...they know what they're doing.


Buck at dawn

A cute little fawn curled up in a Birds Nest | #BirdsNest #DeeryMe #Deer #Fawn #CurledUp #Photography #Fallow

autumn begins...



First step ♥

Ermine eating berries

The tree deer, seems like a fairy tale character. And someone out there would kill this beautiful creature for their glory ----------- *Just to clarify, the above message was already with this picture when I pinned it. I wouldn't mind that on my wall to show off those amazing antlers. ;)