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bobby pin trick - I had NO idea I was using bobby pins incorrectly.

10 Biggest Hair-Care Myths http://media-cache8.pinterest.com/upload/210824826276443268_UNMUMGoX_f.jpg briennaemily hair ideas

If you’ve never quite mastered ponytail dent-free hair, there’s a product for that. | 27 Hairstyling Hacks Every Ponytail Wearer Must Try

29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know. I knew almost all of these from school but a good pin to pin for others :)

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how to cut your own bangs


Hair Inspo | #SHOPTobi | Check Out TOBI.com for the latest fashion | Don't forget 50% off your first order!

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The 6 Ultimate Golden Rules For GREAT Hair #Hair

Worried about losing your hair and you tried everything you can but can't stop it? Stop worrying and start making this hair mask! Fenugreek seeds condition your hair and reduce hair fall. #beauty_tricks, #hair_fall

10 Tips for Getting Longer,Thicker, Sexier Hair.

Just so all my friends know, this is how I cut my own layers (which I've been doing for the past year and a half). It works :)

How To Get Rid of Grey Hair - Tea Bag Your Hair - Blonde, Red, or Brunette @K D Eustaquio Sztrakati Walters it's worth trying

Hair Care: How To Straighten Hair Like a Pro. I straighten my hair almost everyday so this is really helpful!

Ways to Wear Hair Up | Check out our new video for a fun easy messy ponytail look.. Try it ...

20 Of The Best Hair Tips You’ll Ever Read | #1 Concentrate On The Ends

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