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The gaping holes in this young man's ears are hideous. I will never understand self-mutilation like this, which seems almost criminal. It's not a crime, but forgery and possession of drug paraphernalia are. The ear holes could give other prisoners a finger-hold when administering a beatdown.

This nice-looking young man is an example of escalating antisocial behavior. In his June arrest he was charged with assault, in August he had graduated to murder.

several people who were arrested and charged more than once in 2011. This man, for instance.

booked for drugs. In most cases, methamphetamines

booked for drugs, prostitution (to buy drugs)

This guy looks like he's watching something horrible climb up the wall. Hallucinations are another good reason to stay away from dope.

If not for drugs and alcohol the cops' jobs would be cut by three-fourths.

After 5 years on drugs

.I hope she's getting the help she needs.

This man, who is mugging for his mug shot, was arrested for murder and obstructing justice. He killed a 20-year-old road construction worker he hit on the freeway, then drove home, where he was arrested the next day.