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    Dependent/Independent clause foldable

    awesome anchor charts!

    Mix-and-Match Grammar Dice - makes a learning about independent and dependent clauses a fun game!

    Good idea to incorporate something 'cool' like Facebook in a positive way. Could use with historical figures

    Free foldable template for a Taxation Without Representation activity. Fun!

    Snowball Synonyms! I had such great feedback about my Snowball Antonyms, I created Snowball Synonyms! Fun, hands on activities. priced item

    This 48 page set is loaded with 32 task cards, two foldables, loads of graphic organizers, a poster, practice passages and activities to keep your students fully engaged! $

    Here is a creative way to teach your students about the Declaration of Independence!

    Adjectives in Wonderland Grammer multicityworldtra... Cover The World Hotel And Flight Deals.We Guarantee The Best Price.

    ABCs of the American Revolution - Teaching with a Touch of Twang: More American Revolution

    Subordinating conjunctions foldable-perfect for students who need visuals and kinesthetic activities to reinforce skills!

    Trace the "Steps" to the American Revolution-- Could definitely be used for the Civil War unit or other units. One idea- assign each student an event to research. Have them copy their foot on a piece of paper and then use the feet to form a timeline.

    Foldable: All About Me / Figurative Language

    American Revolution Timeline

    adjectives using letters from your name

    Social Studies Interactive Notebooks- Causes of the American Revolution Nonfiction Articles

    -Causes of the American Revolution with Smarties

    Hidden door timelines for the American Revolution

    TONS of teaching activities using Post-it notes. Ideas by teachers!

    BLIND DATE WITH A BOOK: Love this idea to teach kids giving a book a chance. "Blind Date with a Book" Activity for independent reading. Wrap up books and decorate with key words that relate to each. Students pick a book, unwrap it, record it and read for 30 pages. Good date=keep it, finish it, review it. Bad date=return it, and write about why it wasn't the book for you. Great "get to know yourself as a reader" activity! I am SO doing this!