I love the background faux headboard!

Quiet slumber

The number one thing i would want to do wake up to be beside you and Tell you good morning beautiful. I love you snugglebug hope you slept well and have a great morning. Go drink some coffee with your big momma or go give your dad a big hug when he firs wakes up. I love you.


Skin on skin.

I want to hold you tight every morning as you wake up... I want the first thing you feel in the mornings to be safe and loved!!!

It's funny the things different people think about when looking at a photo. I'm sure the young person who originally pinned it loved the passion and intensity, and even the leggings. I look at it and think, "wow--I wish I could bend my knees like that."

This kiss, this kiss...unstoppable.


Oct 18..G'morning my love... There is that moment right before a kiss... We been there several times..... I think of kissing you all the time . hope you have a great morning and know the love of your life is just a text away....


Eros <3

. -- 12 Things That Give Him a Love-Boner



love that lasts a lifetime <3

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