Pinterest • The world’s catalog of ideas El Corazon Para que vas a olvidar Tu tenido tanto temo para que vas a olvidar si solo quiero tu amor Es el alma que me dice que me dice que te siga quiero dar, darte todo todo todo todo tu perdon pero se de amar, corason Yo si se mi amar si se mi amor Corazon, corazon Quiero dar mi perdon se mi amor Para que vas a salir entiendeme yo te amo y luchar por una vida que vale la pena eso es amor entiendelo mi amor Y yo tengo perdon, yo te tengo perdon yo tengo mus que…

I think it would help us if we do things together. Watching something is in our situation practical. It's so many things we could do together and maybe one day we will. I hope you are okay. Will you tell me how you think about all this?

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Disney on a Dime: Doing Disney Cheap (On a 30K/Year Salary)

October - I used to love fall, and somehow, I must still. I just do not want win...ter, which I also used to love.... but it hurt me so....

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Giving someone your absolute time and attention is a valuable gift in this new digital world. Make time for the one that matters and give him or her your complete attention. ~Me +Andy Fisher you get my full attention when we are together. XO #datingadvice #relationships #lovequotes