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How to Kill Ants With Common Household Spices

by Jaime Stathis
While there are many commercial products that will remove ants from the home, many people don't want to use them because of potential toxicity from the chemicals. Chemically based insecticides are effective, yet they are potentially harmful to all members of the household, especially pets and young ...
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How to Make a Petunia Tower -- Basically, it's a ring of galvanized fencing lined with landscape fabric, then filled with potting soil. The petunias were planted through slits in the landscape fabric. This looks like a pretty easy do-it-yourself project!

Plants die because gardening isn't easy. If you feel like the world's worst gardener, enjoy these gardening tips for people who can't garden.

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DIY ~ Grow a second Romaine lettuce harvest from the stump if it is still intact. It will regenerate and regrow new shoots!!

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≈ The world's most perfect fertilizer + pesticide is epsom salt. Every other week- 1 gallon of water, 1 TBSP of miracle grow and 3 TBSP of epsom salt. You will have a great garden all season.

Nature's Best Fertilizers and Bug Repellents. Some really good information here.

50$ greenhouse

Gardening ideas for a "hell strip" -- just past the driveway? next to the shed? Keeps getting over-run with long crab grass... Cover it with weedblocker/ pebbles/ decorative rocks & add a few tough-to-kill perennials.

I so need to try this. When I was in the Master Gardener program we used the water crystals in planters and I knew it was the same thing in diapers, but it never crossed my mind to put a diaper in the bottom of one. Someone else said, "The trick to amazing potted plants - diapers. I did this in my hanging baskets last year and they rocked all season."

Irish Spring and a cheese grater. Apparently squirrels hate the smell of the soap, so they'll stay out of your garden. as well as deer and mice.

Vinegar: Rid your garden of bugs and aphids by spraying your plants with a solution of vinegar and water. 1 cup vinegar to a gallon of water. Vinegar is a natural pesticide so you can get rid of many critters by using a solution mixed with water.

Amazing Organic Weed Killer Spray. 1/2 gallon of Apple Cider Vinegar 1/4 c table salt 1/2 tsp Dawn liquid dish soap Mix and pour into a spray bottle Spray weeds thoroughly. It makes 1/2 gallon for around $6.40 It worked better than Round Up killed the weeds on first application. The Dawn dish soap strips the weed of its protective oils so the vinegar can work with deadly force. Safe to use a yard used by pets

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This little piggy .........

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You can buy ready made Grow Bags or make your own. Since it is so simple, we went for a DIY version. See how to sew your grow bags for container gardening.

Skincare recipe for making a healing balm for Eczema & Psoriasis - all natural and the oils in the recipe help soothe inflammation, itchiness, and flakiness #eczema

Eager to start gardening but still in winter? These 9 fruits are planted in winter and will provide you with a harvest for years to come. Tips on where to get your stock, how to plant it, even if you don't have any land or a yard! Read this to get your fruit plants in.

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