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    Julian Lopez-Morillas and Howard Swain as Lear and Fool in King Lear, 1991 #calshakes40th


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    • Cal Shakes

      Julian Lopez-Morillas and Howard Swain as Lear and Fool in King Lear, 1991 #calshakes40th

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    Kandis Chappell as Witch, Julian Lopez-Morillas as Macbeth, and Howard Swain as Witch in Macbeth, 1983. #calshakes40th

    King Lear @ RSC

    Goneril (Miki Kim, left) watches angrily as Edmund (Don Bilotti) kisses her sister Regan (Nancy Carlin) in KING LEAR at the California Shakespeare Festival, 1991. #calshakes40th

    Julian Lopez-Morillas as Prospero and Jane Macfie as Ariel "shapes" in THE TEMPEST, 1980 #calshakes40th

    Andy Murray as the Earl of Kent and Sarah Nealis as Cordelia in King Lear, 2007.#calshakes40th

    Howard Swain as Puck in A Midsummer Night's Dream, 1985. #calshakes40th

    Shabaka as Lucio and Julian Lopez-Morillas as the Duke in Measure for Measure, 1989. #calshakes40th

    This is a video of Act V Scene 3 of King Lear as performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company. This performance stands out because it portrays Lear alone with Cordelia's dead body. He gives his last speeches as one lonely, sad soliloquy. This portrayal gives the impression that Lear is left totally alone after the events of the play. This makes the play even more tragic and moves the audience to pity Lear (in true Greek tragic fashion). Nick Luken. from YouTube channel Royal Shakespeare Company.

    Miki Kim (left) as the servant of Charmin & Lura Dolas as Cleopatra in ANTONY AND CLEAOPATRA, 1991. #calshakes40th

    Howard Swain, Kandis Chapell and Kate Heasley as the Witches in Macbeth. 1983. #calshakes40th

    Howard Swain as Puck and Dan Hiatt as Bottom in A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, the first production at the Bruns, 1991; photo by David Allen.

    alwaysiambic: KING LEAR Scene from Trevor Nunn’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear with the RSC, 2008. Starring Ian McKellen, Francis Barber, Romola Garai and other members of the RSC.

    Ooh, here's a good 'un: Baby Howard Swain & Annette Bening in All's Well That Ends Well (1983); photo by Bob Hsiang. #CalShakes40th