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Poster for Romeo and Juliet.© Bermuda Civic Ballet. (Click image for larger version)

Theater is a family affair, don't you think? Here is Nancy Carlin as Lady Capulet and daughter Miranda, backstage. Romeo and Juliet, 2001. Directed by Mark Ruther #calshakes40th

Jane Macfie “played Ariel in the Tempest in 1980 but before that, in ‘77, I snuck my grandmother's car out of her garage a few blocks away in Berkeley and drove it, on a learner's permit (not sure why I couldn't have walked) to see my first real Shakespeare Production, Romeo & Juliet, and got hooked for life. Still going at it, having just played Dionyza in Pericles (A Noise Within) and owe a chunk of it to that first exposure. (Thank you Berkeley police for not pulling me over!)"…

Rebekah Brockman in 2013's Romeo & Juliet, directed by Shana Cooper, who will team up with choreographer Erika Chong Shuch to create a boldly physical Midsummer Night's Dream, for us this summer; photo by Jay Yamada.

Actress Angell Conwell poses at ' The Young & The Restless' 40th anniversary cake-cutting ceremony at CBS Televison City on March 26, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Description from I searched for this on