Talk about a throwback Thursday! Here is beautiful Nancy Carlin as Celia and Michael Oliver as Oliver. As You Like It, 1975 #calshakes40th

Arden in Autumn Celia's runway show for fashionweek

Very much this for the court! Holy cow that makes a lot of sense to me for Celia!

"Country Boho" celia's forest of arden fashion style card

Rami Margron, Danny Scheie, and Lyndsy Kail in Restoration Comedy, 2006. #calshakes40th


Alexa Chung #fashion #charismatic #fashionista

fall dressy casual...more court inspiration. Although a little monochromatic I think.

Goneril (Miki Kim, left) watches angrily as Edmund (Don Bilotti) kisses her sister Regan (Nancy Carlin) in KING LEAR at the California Shakespeare Festival, 1991. #calshakes40th

Theater is a family affair, don't you think? Here is Nancy Carlin as Lady Capulet and daughter Miranda, backstage. Romeo and Juliet, 2001. Directed by Mark Ruther #calshakes40th

lovely period simple, yet pretty. I want one :)

Nancy Carlin and Walter Brown in Two Noble Kinsmen, 1985. (Photo credit corrected!)

Miki Kim (left) as the servant of Charmin & Lura Dolas as Cleopatra in ANTONY AND CLEAOPATRA, 1991. #calshakes40th

The cast of Spunk, 2012. #calshakes40th

The cast of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2009. #calshakes40th

Julian Lopez-Morillas and Howard Swain as Lear and Fool in King Lear, 1991 #calshakes40th

Jonathan Moscone and Sharon Simpson in 2000. #calshakes40th

Kevin Gardiner as Richard III, 1977 #calshakes40th