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    Talk about a throwback Thursday! Here is beautiful Nancy Carlin as Celia and Michael Oliver as Oliver. As You Like It, 1975 #calshakes40th

    Arden in Autumn Celia's runway show for fashionweek

    Very much this for the court! Holy cow that makes a lot of sense to me for Celia!

    "Country Boho" celia's forest of arden fashion style card

    Rami Margron, Danny Scheie, and Lyndsy Kail in Restoration Comedy, 2006. #calshakes40th


    lovely period dress. Reminds me of Belle's first outfit.

    Alexa Chung #fashion #charismatic #fashionista

    fall dressy casual...more court inspiration. Although a little monochromatic I think.

    Theater is a family affair, don't you think? Here is Nancy Carlin as Lady Capulet and daughter Miranda, backstage. Romeo and Juliet, 2001. Directed by Mark Ruther #calshakes40th

    Goneril (Miki Kim, left) watches angrily as Edmund (Don Bilotti) kisses her sister Regan (Nancy Carlin) in KING LEAR at the California Shakespeare Festival, 1991. #calshakes40th

    The golden haired Cupid, his body naturalistically enamelled white, embellished with table-cut rubies and diamonds, a sapphire collar round his neck and ruby wings and quiver fires a diamond tipped arrow from his ruby bow. The marriage symbols of turtle doves, sacred to Venus, the heart and forget-me-not flowers decorate the plaque above. The plaque and pendant hang from a pearl and gold chain terminating in six enamelled gold and ruby links. German, or Netherlands, c. 1600.

    Nancy Carlin and Walter Brown in Two Noble Kinsmen, 1985. (Photo credit corrected!)

    The equestian fashiony style (which is apparently a legit fashion trend) really hits the androgeny mark for AYLI I think

    Miki Kim (left) as the servant of Charmin & Lura Dolas as Cleopatra in ANTONY AND CLEAOPATRA, 1991. #calshakes40th

    The cast of Spunk, 2012. #calshakes40th

    The cast of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2009. #calshakes40th

    Julian Lopez-Morillas and Howard Swain as Lear and Fool in King Lear, 1991 #calshakes40th

    Sarah Nealis as Mabel Chiltern and Elijah Alexander as Lord Goring in An Ideal Husband, 2008. #calshakes30th

    Jonathan Moscone and Sharon Simpson in 2000. #calshakes40th