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The 6 Stages Of Feeling Like You're Going To Fail A Test

Whether it was in high school, college or even in middle school, we’ve all experienced that all too familiar feeling of that looming test that you just know you are going to fail.

Dolce & Gabbana Kira Sandals

Dolce & Gabbana 'Kira' #sandals #roses

Pansexuals, polysexuals, and bisexuals are not invalidating you by liking multiple genders. It means of all the people they could've chosen, they picked you.

Shows how quickly the dumbing down of America is occurring.

\r\n**Fort Worth, TX - Current Status: IMMEDIATE RESCUE NEEDED\r\n\r\nReason for URGENT: Senior\r\n\r\nAnimal ID: 34217944\r\n Name: Dixie\r\n Breed: Rat Terrier mix\r\n Sex: Female\r\n Age: 13 years\r\n Weight: 15 lbs\r\n Spayed\r\n Heartworm Negative\r\n\r\n*Owner surrender - cannot afford\r\n\r\nPersonality\r\n 12\/28: Dixie is a sweet old lady. - Ginger\r\n

「離れずにそばにいて。」 ‘Stay close to me and never leave me.’