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Sorry if you do not like the bad word...but sometime...you gotta just gotta let it all go

for real...

Robert Frost

Just think of random people that hold the door for you

ee cummings


Wild at heart just waiting one another wild one to join me <3



Top 15 Quotes Of The Day

Oh wow! How true

The best day of your life.


often, it seems

Anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot. ~ Breakfast at Tiffany's

love the people who treat you right

Well said - I love how u juss can't call me n get it over with instead of making fun of me its bout my life n I need to talk to my best friend for crying out loud juss call n find out what I need to tell you its important n serious please if u love me at all juss call me n for Sandi I have never made a bad comment bout you I thought were friends apart of the crew of friends with lores

Success can be measured in many different ways however the result is when you reach the goals you set out for. The goals may be related to money,...

Great words to live by ..