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from ScienceDaily

The Many Moods of Titan

"...Titan's atmosphere and surface behave like Earth's -- with clouds, rainfall, river valleys and lakes. They show us that the seasons change, too, on Titan, although in unexpected ways."

Curiosity fotografía por primera vez la Tierra y la Luna desde Marte

from Live Science

Spaced Out! 101 Astronomy Images That Will Blow Your Mind

Two Galaxies for the Price of One. Sombrero Galaxy is actually 2 galaxies in 1.

The lowest-mass known black hole belongs to a binary system named XTE J1650-500. The black hole has about 3.8 times the mass of our sun, and is orbited by a companion star, as depicted in this illustration.

Swarm of microprobes to head for Jupiter - "A swarm of tiny probes each with a different sensor could be fired into the clouds of Jupiter and grab data as they fall before burning up in the gas giant planet's atmosphere. The probes would last an estimated 15 minutes according to planetary scientists writing in the International Journal Space Science and Engineering."