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    Well now, when you put it like that ....

    never knew me

    Oh no!

    So true

    I am strong person but every now and then I also need someone to take my hand & say everything will be alright...

    Yes. especially the hand holding!!! My biggest pet peeve is when boy friends and girl friends don't hold hands!!!

    so true.


    So so true!

    So true....i watched my mom care for my dad all through his sickness. My love respect for her grew even more!

    my biggest fault. i wish & i hope for something and once i get it; i let it slip through my fingers without so much as a second thought. as soon as its gone i miss it and i want it back, i cant stop thinking about what i could have done differently. I want to make that weakness my strength. i want to appreciate what i have, when i have it.

    so true. so, so true.

    so true

    So true!

    And I'm over it. I have too many amazing friends to investment my love and time with. I don't need one who never reassures me, never goes out of the way to help, and obviously isn't interested in being a friend. #doneanddone

    Very true

    i'm fine

    so true

    This is me.

    Oliver Gal 'The Time' Wall Art available at #Nordstrom Great point! I'd buy this.

    so hard, but so worth it.