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I wish every problem was as easy as a math problem. Life would be so much easier.

Highschool math in a nutshell what i want to know is who on earth thought up the test question?!

Math. Not for all of us… So very very true.

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Dear Math Solve Your Own Problems I Am Not A Therapist LOL

These Teenager Post's Are So True For All Teen's,(Boys and Girls)

Exactly lol Emily Sprague Pardee

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THIS IS SO PERFECT @gilbygirlz @musicgeek0650 You guys will understand more than anyone else

Even I'm good at math and I hate those words it's like, am I supposed to remove my brain from my head using mouse practice and hand it in with my work!?

Math teachers are hip - Hahaha love this #selfie #math #classroom

I died near the end of this, oh my gosh, yes. xD

This is the person your algebra problems warned you about.

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During any math test...

What do you mean, Jack? Anyone else confused as to how to solve this equation?...college life

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Mental Abuse To Humans

How you play me..askin those questions?!