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Oooh, certain parts of this would make a great tattoo.

After I drink coffee I like to show the empty mug to the IT guy to tell him that I've successfully installed Java. He hates me. #coffee #quote #lol

Pet Peeve.


and no, I didn't hurt my eye

Please don't judge me for the ecards you see on my pinterest board. I have no control over the humor I find in them.

I need his prosthetic leg

30 funny animal captions - part 2 (30 pics)

OMG I love it.

Every cat...every year.

haha so funny

Married Life Explained in 10 Photos This is so funny because its true!


Don't Swipe 8 -

Haha so true

I couldn't help but laugh.

Haven't met any new annoying people but when I do. ..

I like that I giggled at work for about 5 minutes straight after reading this...

.Omg.. this is way to funny!

oh my gosh I love them

HAHAHAA this is on point. #sorrynotsorry

Better chance at finding a unicorn...