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  • Liz Springer

    lol I shall now call all babies "ugly bald puppies!"

  • Karen Jensen

    funny dog pictures - There, there Ugly bald puppy

  • Heather Mitchell Post

    Sweet pets with sweet babies!! Awesome!!

  • Megan Elizabeth

    Two things: I HATE animal memes such as these, and this is gross. At the same time, it's so sweet and tender!

  • Maggiee Star

    Awww ... so cute! #babies #dogs #Golden Retriever #animals

  • Brooke Kuykendall

    im repinning this not bc its funny but bc it makes me so mad i cant stand it! who ever thinks this is funny needs serious help!!! I'll tell you one thing if i ever saw any dog or cat or other ANIMAL licking a baby id have a fit! especially if it were my baby...that would be one dead animal i tell you right now!!!! GROSS!!!

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