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This broke my heart, right as Alison was stabbed. My face was just like Scotts. Devastated.

This is cute! I have watched it and its really funny.

Everyone the answer is everyone....this is great!! Thanks Jackie Godbold Waters for sharing! :-)

my cousin.. Miguel... is that blood on his shirt.. um.. ya.. he gets nose bleeds.. HEY MIGUEL I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU YOU COULD WEAR ONE OF MY SHIRTS... thy don't fit.. try somrthing else then.. that looks nice doesn't it.. its not his color... ok fine... NONE OF THESE FIT... SORRY ONE OF MY FAVORITE MOMENTS

When I didn't think anyone could do anything to make me hate Stiles, Jeff Davis proves me wrong. I hope this ends soon. I liked Stiles up until he pulled that stunt with the sword. OMG.

#insatiable Episode hasn't even aired yet and I can already tell it's going to absolutely wreck me!

Lol Holland's face in the last pic is all like "Im with stupids"

So weird that Derrick is a beta♥

Haha and scotts a better alpha then you all are :) gotta love the true alpha x

Holland Roden is Lydia Martin, the Banshee of MTV's Teen Wolf.