Do now, then swap out a hand each year

Family Handprints!

Next year: DOING IT.

year you were born, year you met, year you married, etc.

year you met, year you were married. Love this!

the bump then one year and second year

do this every year on your anniversary... and see the changes through the years!..... Very cute Idea

Handprints through the year

Do every year for the first day of school, then make a book and give it for graduation. CUTE!!

Foaming soap. I have been making this for a cuople of years now-- it works!!

cute idea for 'a year of firsts'

PRINTABLE First Day of School Sign-can change for every year and then bind them all together into a book!

Take a picture of your kids each year and make a list of what they enjoy at that moment.

A post on the porch with different signs to hang for different times of year/parties/birthdays/etc. LOVE THIS!

End-of-Year Teacher Gift Plant

i wanna do this! Perfect already has my name on it

new year card

Hand decorated wood letter 'S' 65 Home decor Wall by Jemyem, $10.00 (I could make this!)

missing u. This is cute

birthday board

End of year gifts