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  • Rebelle

    A New Twist | The Beauty Department So… the other day I had enough of my hair and cut it all off. Don’t freak out! I’ve done it before and because my hair is naturally wavy, I just chop bits and pieces to make it kind of layered and beachy. I love it. But then I see awesome hair tutorials like this and wish I still had long hair so I could do this! Well hopefully someone reading this will see it and get some joy out of doing this super pretty twist!

  • Amy Fissmer

    ombre hair style and a new twist on the pony tail!

  • Grace Moss

    Summer's 27 Best Hairstyles

  • erin ashley

    i am still in love with ombre hair color.... and this pony tail trick!

  • Brittany Fenui

    Ombre hair looking beautiful with this twisty ponytail hairstyle

  • Audria Bunting

    Cute ponytail for long hair styles :)

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Just cut my hair like this a little while ago. :) I love it on her!

How to do a twisted ponytail // love this look! I love this, but my hair is so thick that I don't know if I could pin it back like in the third step, it always falls out really fast when I try to do similar things.


i really want to ombre my hair like this is shades of blonde... but maybe just a tiny bit lighter still on top :)

love this simple take on a low pony with side twist and wrapped band with hair

Braid, then pull and loosen. Suppose to work best if you loosen from bottom up. Cute. :-)

LOVE this hair color.. and the waves. I've got to figure out the best way for me to get waves like this that doesn't take forever in the morning