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Do you wanna lose some weight or just to learn a new food recipe?Check from where i took my food recipes!

Tips From Jillian Michaels

http://kingmotivation.com | neat site for motivation

healthy snacks

Infographic: 10 Healthy Choices to Slim Down Fast | Infographic A Day

GERD Diet Plan (Infographic) by Stel de Vera, via Behance -- Not only do I appreciate the design, but it is something that directly applies to me!

Eat Clean

Time to get your weight loss and fitness plan together for the NEW YEAR.

We are gonna start this :)

Carb Cycling For Awesome Weight Loss Results

Pretty Haute: 7 Day Detox- Cabbage Soup Diet

Confirmed - Lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days link http://www.healthyfoodteam.com/fast-and-effective-diet-lose-10-pounds-in-7-days/

This kind of scares me but I might get desperate when bikini season gets a little closer.

Diet plan

3 DAY MILITARY DIET - LOSE UP TO 10 LBS IN 3 DAYS...I could totally do this! If anything this "diet" cleans out your system.

3 Day Diet - Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Days with the 3 Day Diet

The lemonade diet/master cleanse! Best way to kick start weight loss and detox! Tried and true! :-)