We can even sparkle in a uniform! #PremierDesigns https://www.facebook.com/jewelryladyjana

#PremierDesigns jewelry

Premier designs

"Poppy" necklace, bracelet, and earrings. "In Bloom" and "Love Knot" rings. (Premier Designs)

Great #pdstyle Premier Designs Jewelry Collection

Love the versatility of Premier Designs Jewelry!

"Daisy Chain" necklace (new from #PDSpring2014 Collection!) with "Miss Daisy" earrings, "It's a Wrap" bracelet, "Naomi" ring

Premier Designs Jewelry!

Love it! #PremierDesigns https://www.facebook.com/jewelryladyjana

#PremierDesigns https://www.facebook.com/jewelryladyjana

Opening night from Premier Designs - I need to get mine back out! Contact me if you are interested in learning more about this item or other PD Jewelry pieces!

Premier Designs

Premier Designs


Premier Designs jewelry is always best!

Premier Designs Jewelry - Botanical Necklace

Premier Designs Jewelry Collection

"Honey" necklace, and bracelet. "Leopard" earrings. "Tradition" ring. (Premier Designs.)