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  • Kerri Gehlhausen

    Diy Hyaluronic Acid Serum 1hr later

  • Brandy Morgan

    DIY Hyaluronic Acid stock serum tutorial

  • Jane Lacap

    DIY hyaluroic serum Weigh out Hyaluronic Acid powder. Pour 60mL of distilled water into a plastic bottle. Add the Hyaluronic Acid to the distilled water, close the cap.. SHAKE THE CRAP OUT OF IT. You will get globs and bits and undissolved powder even after shaking- this is normal. Leave it in fridge. it will generally fully dissolve into a homogenous gel within about 1-2 hrs anyway.

  • Patricia Lloyd

    DIY Hyaluronic Acid serum - appeals to mad scientist in me!

  • Fitri Julicia

    DIY Hyaluronic Serum 60ml

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DIY Hyaluronic Acid Stock Serum Tutorial

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DON'T BOTHER, DOES NOT WORK 1 gram Hyaluronic Acid Powder 3.5 oz. Cold distilled water ½ tsp. Glycerin 1 Green Tea Bag (natural anti-oxidant) 3 Drops of Lavender Oil Steep the green tea, freezer for a few minutes.mix in the hyaluronic acid powder.add the glycerin and lavender oil, and pour it all into the glass container. Give your serum a good shake and place it in the refrigerator for an hour to allow the ingredients to gel together.

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