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T-13 tank destroyer. Belgian armor was woefully insufficient in both quantity and quality when Germany invaded in 1940. It's value was further reduced by defensive doctrine that dispersed their armored forces in so called "penny packets." The T-13 was a Vickers-Carden-Lloyd tankette with a 47mm anti-tank gun mounted in a fully travers able turret. Although too few in number to be effective, they did mount a more powerful gun than the Panzer I and II.


[Photo] 37 mm Gun M3 mounted aboard a M6 Gun Motor Carriage, with additional .50 cal machine gun attached, 3 miles west of Watertown, Tennessee, United States, 6 Jun 1943

American Tank Fords a River - Members of the 5th Mechanical Division ford a river in a tank, Can Lo River, south of Con Thien, Vietnam. 1968 - The M48A3 battle tank was the heaviest tank used in vietnam. It had a crew of four, was armed with a 90mm cannon with a coaxial .30-inch machine gun and an externally mounted .50-inch machine gun.