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    ADMK Mulus machine gun carrier

    One of the Bren gun carriers used by Australian light horse troops in Northern Africa, on January 7, 1941.

    8,8 cm FlaK 36 auf Fahrgestell T-34 747(r). Another rare shot, this time of a T-34 captured by the Germans and mounted with an 88 gun.

    A very unique photo: the bow of Russian submarine K-84 Yekaterinburg (Delta IV SSBN) stripped bare after the fire in 2011.

    M15A Gun Motor Carriage

    Stridsvagn 103 - the Swedish tank without a turret.

    Cemetery Gun: The gun, which the museum dates to 1710, is mounted on a mechanism that allows it to spin freely. Cemetery keepers set up the flintlock weapon at the foot of a grave, with three tripwires strung in an arc around its position. A prospective grave-robber, stumbling over the tripwire in the dark, would trigger the weapon—much to his own misfortune.

    Tiger ‘114’ commanded by Alfred Rubbel of schwere Panzer-Abteilung 503, during manoeuvres in May 1943 near the city of Kharkov, in preparation for Operation Zitadelle. Note the additional track links have been fixed to the front of the tank. Smaller improvements were continuously incorporated and included a rain guard over the binocular telescope in the gun mantlet, fitted by the crews in the field.

    T26E1 heavy tank 'Super Pershing' with upgraded L73 90mm T15 gun, Europe, 1945. The 90-mm M3 gun of the Super Pershing was similar to the German 88 mm KwK 36 used on the Tiger I. In an effort to match the firepower of the Tiger II's more powerful 88 mm KwK43, the T15E1 90 mm gun was developed and mounted in a T26E1 in January 1945. The end of the war five months later interrupted further development.

    1938 Railway Gun TM-3-12. Used Russian Battleship Imperator Aleksander III 305 mm Gun.

    Matilda 2 tank

    Gun Carrier Mk.I (1917) Upon the invention of the tank, the British realized that artillery would not be able to keep up with the speed of modern warfare. The Gun Carrier used components of a Mk.I tank and carried a standard artillery piece. While never used in the Great War, the Mk.I created the model for the self- propelled artillery of WWII- a standard artillery piece in a semi-armored compartment atop a modified tank chassis.

    Churchill Gun Carrier tank destroyer

    ZSU-57-2 57 mm Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun (Russia)


    Soldier with a mounted M185 Colt-Browning machine gun. WW1

    An SAS jeep in the Gabes-Tozeur area of Tunisia. The vehicle is heavily loaded with jerricans of fuel and water, and personal kit. The 'gunner' is manning the .50 inch Browning heavy machine gun, while the driver has a single Vickers 'K' gun in front, and a twin mounting behind.

    Three quite unique and interesting machines - T92 Howitzer Motor Carriage on top, T28 super heavy tank in the middle and M22 Locust ligth tank on the bottom.

    German ferry artillery support Siebel A German ferry artillery support "Siebel" at anchor carrying four 88 mm Flak 36 anti-aircraft and two 20 mm FlaK 38 anti-aircraft guns.

    British Gun Carrier Mk.1, Supply Tank version ('Harwich' GC141). Bucquoy, Pas-de-Calais. August 1918

    M36 Jackson tank destroyer. Nicknamed "TD's" by the Americans and the "Jackson" by the British, it was mounted on a Sherman chassis and was the only American armoured vehicle to mount a 90mm gun comparable to the German 88mm gun.