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    An Austrian ADMK Mulus machine gun carrier. It could either run on tracks, or if needed, be switched over to road wheels which were carried on the back...

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French machine gun. Probably a S.Etienne.WW1

Fire Hedgehog Used by the red army the plane a TU-2 was loaded with 88 PPSH like machine guns. Due to the limited range of the machine guns it flew at low altitudes and on seeing an enemy regiment the pilot would open the doors and shower them with lead. The ground troops would not stand a chance against 88 machine gun firing at the same time a combined 80,000 rounds per minute.

Soviet Armoured train. RED ARMY armoured train in transit. In the foreground two officers on look near the anti-aircraft machine guns, quad-mounted Maxim machine-guns .

Soviet machine gunner - anyone know what gun this is?

Although this was originally labeled as a WW2 photo, this is a Maxim gun, not a Vickers. Still...I'd buy that for a dollar.

German machine gun MG08

Soldiers from 7th Armored Division manning machine guns of his tank while on maneuvers.

82nd Recon Armored Radio Jeep 4x4 with machine gun. The Jeep was dangerous in its normal form, but adding armor made almost more dangerous because of even higher tendencies of rolling over.

"On the Stalingrad Front, August, 1942: Recon scout N. Romanov poses with his PPSh-41 sub-machine gun and four hand grenades stuck in his belt. The one with the skirt is a "pomegranate" defensive grenade. Note also the scout knife."

COWGIRL WANNABEES are everywhere! Taken in The Fancy Dress Studio at 37 Oxford Street, London, which provided the costumes for its sitters. I believe the horse has had the benefit of taxidermy... See two other shots with similar contents.

Lewis machine gun and U.S. Marine