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  • Marla Williard

    don't live someone elses life

  • Melann Wiechman

    .Just thought we needed some inspiration!

  • dandy

    be #creative. make things #happen

  • Lara Rose

    "Nothing real is at stake here. So just go make a pretty thing. Or make a clunky thing, or a tiny thing, or a big thing, or an ugly thing, or an experimental and wild thing. Doesn’t matter. Enjoy the making. Let it go. It’s merely art. This line of thinking brings me great peace. Gets me out of my own way." - Elizabeth Gilbert

  • James Roy Blair Anderson

    #inspiration #inspire #quotes #text #motivation #motivate #inspiring #writing #graphicdesign #typography

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Wow well you see i actually recently found my self while i was in mca and i realized once you finished creating yourself you dont have to worry about not knowing yourself anymore

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inspiration means nothing unless its followed by creating so get out there and create