Frankie Manning and Ann Johnson, 1941

Frankie Manning

Frankie Manning.

Frankie Manning

Swing Dancing

Dancing in the aisles at the funeral of Frankie Manning, father of Lindy Hop

Vintage Swing Dance Photo

Jermel Johnson from the Pennsylvania Ballet - photo by Chris Crisman

the bride & frankie get down, possibly the best picture ever. from eyeofthehellhound

Ann Pennington teaching Felix the Cat how to dance The Black Bottom. Photoplay magazine, January 1927.

George Caddy, 1941

swing dancing

...and All That JAAZZZZZ!!! Ann Reinking in Bob Fosse's film "All that jazz" 1979

Dance with me

Frankie Manning, Ambassador of Lindy Hop!

swing dancing | Tumblr


The Frankie Manning version of the classic Shim Sham.

dance created by Martha Graham - photographer Barbara Morgan - from the book "Sixteen Dances in Photographic Sequence" 1941


Elvis + Ann-Margaret