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    • MyDeejay

      "Book of Love" by Peter Gabriel

    • Michael Martin

      Peter Gabriel "So" beautiful songs like "Mercy Street" and "in Your Eyes" make this an amazing album I won't tire of. His recent tour was terrific.

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    Howlin' Wolf. It's Eee-Val.

    Muddy, he's a man.

    Crowded House. Great twisty tunes.

    An interracial band from Memphis. So, so, so good.

    My son's middle name is Otis. Nuff said.

    Acoustic soul. So funky.

    So good at blending the head and heart

    One of the first "contemporary" bands I liked

    This is an awesome album

    Van the man. Couldn't get enough of his singing and soul.

    Changed my life. Twice. For real.

    I listened to this record 1000 times in a row during freshman year in high school

    The Band. So American, they were 80% Canadian.

    Changed songwriting forever and taught me the power of phrasing

    Mozart. That guy was great. Knew his way around a tune.

    JS Bach. Really, he is unavoidable as an influence if you are using Western harmony

    Helped me understand songwriting better, Inspired a lot of bad songwriting on my part, though

    And also very trippy.

    Naturally. They are titanic.