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"The most common story that is heard from people who hand over these illegal babies is that they were found alone in a village or on a palm oil planta­tion. This is not the reality.  I know from seeing wild and rehabil­i­tated orang­utans living within national parks that mothers would never allow their babies to wander off." Julie O'Neill -  Learn more about the plight of orang­utans and IAR’s work to help animals around the world.

my dream job (Borneo)

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Look into my eyes: Meet Noel the heart meltingly gorgeous orangutan

Baby Noel @ Ketapang

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Orangutan Island: falling in love with the animals of Borneo

Wildlife watching is one of the highlights of a trip to Sabah, Borneo. >> So many cute animal picks in this story.

baby orangutan - we have got to save these animals. DO NOT USE PRODUCTS WITH PALM OIL!!! this is whats killing these innocent animals.