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Yet still managing to get up and go can be a struggle:

Nothing but positive

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Not ready for summer

So the mother asked, 'What can he do to bring up his grade?' And I said, 'Well, contact Michael J. Fox and ask to borrow that Delorean. Set it for September.'

Ecolda: When a man has a cold but acts like he has Ebola.

Keep looking up that's the secret of life

hahahahaha! :) I do think long and hard about it, and it usually stays in the drawer. AND I HAVE SIXTH GRADERS! I'll loosen up a little in May.

They're the best kind of holiday gift you can get. | 15 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers Are The Best Dogs Ever

Am I the only that DOESN'T like laminating? You have the anxiety of it being hot enough, and then the fear of it jamming. Afterward, you can look forward to your hands cramping up for days due to all the cutting. And if you're a left-handed cutter, like me, you can't see the line along which you're cutting, often cutting your laminated object, itself. Oh, and then you actually have to hang the stuff up after all that work. BLAH.

Your school's answering machine..? Re-pin if you think this would be fun if your school got one like this!

Shaming Doesn’t Go As Expected

Must hug you NOW

When you hear your jam.


Oh funny!!

Seriously, everyone should be required to nap with a basket full of puppies everyday.


what a face