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GOING HOME - Sumbing! Rescued March 2004 from an oil palm plantation in Parenggean, Sumbing was then estimated to be 15 years old. He was already a handsome orangutan with long light brown hair and a distinctive congenital split in his upper right lip. At 23 yrs old, weighing 79 kilograms, this gorgeous alpha male is finally ready to return to his homeland – the forest!


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Award winning photographer, David Slater left his camera unattended while visiting a national park in North Sulawesi, Indonesia and it attracted the attention of a curious female Crested Black Macaque monkey. She became enthralled by her reflection on the camera lens and managed to take a picture of herself.

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A barrow-load of mischief: Heartwarming pictures of orphan orangutans at play

Solemn: Thomas lies next to his mother Tut who has a new baby Tiido. The young orangutan is not getting his mother's ateention and finds it difficult

Thoroughly enjoyed coming up with this handsome and rather shady character for @handsomeapeband's new album cover. And a big thank you to @hireanillo for featuring it on their homepage and in this week's newsletter! #albumart #albumcover #albumdesign #illustration #handsomeape #orangutan

GOING HOME! Release candidate Hamlet was confiscated by BKSDA Central Kalimantan from a resident of Palangka Raya. He was sent to Nyaru Menteng for rehabilitation, he was 3 yrs old. Hamlet went all through Forest School. Living in Palas Island he starred in “Orangutan Island”. After 14 years, Hamlet has learnt so much about how to survive in the wild. This handsome, active and adventurous orangutan will shortly be exploring his true home in the forest of Bukit Batikap.

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But mum, I don't need a bath! Adorable orphan ape Mr Bernie, two, does all he can to avoid getting his fur wet

Orangutan caretaker with infant at bath time, Orangutan Care Center, Borneo, Indonesia

Gorilla - Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, Louisiana - My boy Casey! One of the most handsome gorillas! Of course I'm prejudiced... He was born in Brownsville but at 6 wks moved to Como Zoo where he lived with my family for about 2 years before going back to the zoo where he lived with Katie, an orangutan who also grew up with us.

Boris, very handsome - Caught in the wild in Seirra Leone in 1960s, sold in a New York petshop, lived in a Manhattan apartment for a year before moving to Chester Zoo where he became alpha male and had lots of children. He is now a respected elder member of the group. You can read all about his life in the book by Hester Mundis who felt sorry for the poor baby chimp in the shop.

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This Gorilla Is So Handsome, Women Are Flocking To The Zoo To See Him

According to Japanese social media, the zoo has seen a sharp increase in female visitors in the wake of Shabani�s new notoriety. | This Gorilla Is So Handsome Women Are Flocking To The Zoo To See Him - BuzzFeed News

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This handsome fellow is recovering after being injured by poachers (BASTARDS)

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Shabani: The making of a metrosexual gorilla

Handsome Gorilla Stuns at Japanese Zoo -