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Amen to this! Not all children are ready to learn the same thing, at the same time, in the same way. Go, play-based learning!

So true!

Fair Poster: I can't stand it when kids say it's not fair. Everyone is different and how boring would it be if everyone was the same?

If you are a teacher you need to watch this!  It will help get you through the rough patches.

What Do You Make?

Taylor Mali - EVERY teacher needs to watch this 3 minute video. YOU make a difference! This is how every faculty meeting should start! Every teacher should listen to this! : ) This made me cry!

teacher quotes | Fun Teacher Quotes - A Mom's Impression | Parenting, Recipes, Product ...

Fun Teacher Quotes

LOL - I can't stop laughing.  Sad, but true.

This chart represent the teaching experience of most people making decisions about education. Time for a change.

1st grade printables kidspretty

first grade mathematics, language arts, and social science resources to utilize- great printables and games

Erasing permanent marker. Laminate then use a rubber eraser. No more throwing out name tags, labels, birthday candles, classroom jobs, or bulletin board pieces when the year is over!

How to erase permanent marker.nail polish remover, magic eraser, and writing over permanent marker with a dry erase marker also work.but this is super easy!

Duct tape on the end of teacher pencils to prevent getting mixed up with student pencils.

Add duct tape to pencils to keep them from disappearing :) Colors can match the color of the table. Easy to see where pencils belong and all tables have enough. I swear my class eats pencils! I am going to color code my tables.

Wish I had found this site sooner! Can't tell you how many times I needed a great quote!

72 Creative Ways for Students to Show What They Know

Wish I had found this site sooner! Can't tell you how many times I needed a great quote! This will be awesome for my quote of the week activity :)