*Best Wedding Gift Basket EVER* On (enter date of wedding), (Groom) and (Bride) will PLEDGE themselves to each other and(Bride’s name) will GAIN a new last name. It’s no SECRET that their life will be full of JOY. We know you think your HONEY is FANTASTIC but your CHARMIN fella might not always be MR. CLEAN. You might have to put in some EXTRA effort and give your counters a SOFT SCRUB. Remember to always SNUGGLE up close at night. At DAWN take on the new day and live your lives in total BLI...

bridal shower gift poem: Dear (Bride), As you prepare for marriage, I thought I’d let you in on a little SECRET. Although, in physique, (Groom) might be BRAWNY and have a really CHARMIN personality, you may soon find out that he is no MR. CLEAN. But don’t let that make you SHOUT. Remember that he will always be there to SNUGGLE - a best friend to fill your life with extra ZEST. So please, continue to give (Groom) your ALL, and your home never will be short on JOY!

Life is a Picnic - Marriage Survival Kit or bridal shower gift. So cute! I love it.

Bridal Shower house cleaning supplies gift basket and note. This idea could work for a Baby Shower too if you change the note a bit and add baby items to the basket

SO many fun and creative bridal shower gift basket ideas! MUST PIN!

Fun, Practical Bridal Shower Gift, and the poem that goes with them! Wedding shower gift, cleaning supplies, poem

Themed gift ideas Use any of the items and put them in a Thirty-One Tote!

Tying a bow.... I remember my mom teaching me this for when I had a little girl, :)

Think outside the gift basket "box!" A simple, creative, and inexpensive gift idea for any occasion!

Gift baskets every mom would love!! Such great ideas!

Good to know, now just to remember that I have this . . .

Cute Reminder Calendar...made to remember holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and any other special dates

A Wallet Full o’ Gift Cards


A Guy's gift basket full of beer, chips and salsa. What a great idea for any occasion, even just to day thanks!

Gift basket ideas

Instead of a box full of towels and kitchen utensils, give this fantastic cake at your next bridal shower.  The base is made out of recycled cereal boxes.

60+ BEST {& Most Creative} Bridal Shower Gift Ideas