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Make your own crochet hooks

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Do your hands hurt when you crochet? Make your hands more comfortable with this easy photo tutorial for making polymer clay crochet hook handles - Dabbles & Babbles

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Crochet Hook Conversion Chart

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DIY Crochet Hook Polymer Clay Handle Tutorial

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- Crochet Hook Case

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Sticks made into crochet hooks. Slick!

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crocheted cotton striped bathroom rug

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Quick Crochet with a Q Hook: 10 Free Patterns

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Crochet eyeglass case, inspiration.

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Tulip Etimo Rose Crochet Hook Set at Joann.com

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Super Quick Throw blanket crochet patter, P Hook

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Japanese ergonomic crochet hook set (sizes K, N, Q) available to buy from http://kpixie.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=223_102&products_id=2899 "The Handy Hook is ergonomically shaped. Cradle the handle in the palm of your hand. The heavy plastic and curved design facilitates working with heavier yarns."

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Use two shades of Soft yarn (that is gentle on the skin), a crochet hook, and your own two hands to crochet this stunning necklace. After only 3 rounds and very little time, you’ll have a fantastic choker to wear any season of the year!

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redheartyarn alternating

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This is brilliant! Little markers that keep your crochet from unraveling and reminds you what hook you were using.

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