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I feel like this is kind of important, and the same thing for excuses like geographical upbringing. Like, no. Just because you were brought up in a different time/place/around people with dated views or whatever, it doesn't give you the excuse to be a racist (or sexist, or homophobic, or whatever else) dickhead.

With the US SENATE VOTING AGAINST GMO LABELING, it (once again) has become blatantly clear that our government is no longer a Government of the People, by the People, for the People. It looks more like this lady says-- Link:

We were given a clear choice and it seems that more people do not want a constitutional conservative as their president. They would rather have a New York Yankee that does not know if he is a Dem or a Rep, Of course, these days what difference does it make????

Hard to believe we are still having to fight these battles

Two People... LMAO It's Been More Than That!! Agree To Disagree. It's America!!!I I love this and I am going to put it on all my boards. ;-)

Walmart has created a lower working class of Americans. Every dollar spent at walmart, is a dollars worth of support for their way of doing business.

Tell 'em, Grumpy Cat!! I say life....we lost our job, our home, our life's savings...Your way of governing took everything we had....there is a special place for cruel dictators like you, and its not in heaven!

"My concern is not to improve 'education' but to do away with it, to end the ugly and anti-human business of people-shaping and to allow and help people to shape themselves." John Holt

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MT @LeahR77: Right To Bear Arms Was No 'Accident' On The Founders Part ! #TCOT #COSProject #PJNET

I AM TRAYVON MARTIN..A beautiful teen struck down by a maniac. Me too ~~I run around with a hoodie on all the time like him. Should I be afraid as a white person it even scares me .No ,I will not be afraid. I will wear my hoodie up in his memory of Trayvon. Rest in Peace. God will take care of Zimmerman in due time..