The Happiest Place on Earth

Wearing a summer jumpsuit in December is a little bit confusing for little ol’ British me, especially when surrounded by Christmas trees, baubles and more poinsettias than you can shake a stick at. I knew Disney would do Christmas properly, and our trip to Magic Kingdom really helped me to get in the Christmas spirit, despite the rather warm climate.

The Happiest Place on Earth


Any Disney Parks fan knows that it's tough to be comfortable, rep your favorite Disney fandom, and look cute all at once on a long day at Disneyland or Walt Disney World.

The Happiest Place On Earth.

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Mickey & Friends • WishWishWish

My Little Paris • WishWishWish

Road Trip • WishWishWish

Under the Palms • WishWishWish

Winter Wonderland • WishWishWish

Leopard & Lace-Ups • WishWishWish

Under the Palms • WishWishWish

Floral • WishWishWish

On the Beach • WishWishWish

Lauren Conrad's Minnie Mouse collection is a Disney dream!

Welcome to Walt Disney World at Christmas! After just a few days in Vegas (including a very filling Thanksgiving), we flew back over the States (yes..not wonderful planning on our part!) to Orlando, Florida, for my first ever trip to Walt Disney World.

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