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In Hawaiian mythology, Mahina is a lunar deity, mother of Hema. Mahina is also the word for Moon in Hawaiian. _____________________ Segundo algumas interpretações pela psiquiatria; a obsessão pelo branco ou ambientes com aspectos de excessiva limpeza,reflete a necessidade inconsciente de se limpar internamente de desvios de comportamento ou por pessoas que sofreram algum tipo de abuso.© Elektra Banks

Fairy tale story starters: Your character is busy with his or her nose in a book outside. Something falls from the sky and hits the ground a few feet away making a cracking sound. Your character goes to investigate and finds a....

black and white photos splash of color | NWS *Black and White with a little splash of Color* NWS - Page 41 ...

Irina Istratova is an artist from the Ukraine who has a preference for the dark side but this photographer/photomanipulator/digital artist has also produced some lovely fairy tale-like pieces.

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